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May 28 2024

Pasa Sustainable Agriculture Dairy Grazing Apprentice Grad to Study in New Zealand

When Madeline Eby graduated high school a few years ago, she didn’t have a good idea of what her future would hold or what her next steps would be. Now, at 20 years old, she's packing for New Zealand.

May 05 2024

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Welcomes New Grazing Specialist, Anna Dawley

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship is pleased to announce that Anna Dawley has joined the DGA staff as a Grazing Specialist.

April 18 2024

Planting Native Prairies Makes For Grazing Pastures That Support Both Cows And Pollinators

Grazing pastures might not be what comes to mind when you think about pollinator-friendly habitat. Featuring DGA graduate, mentor and board member Ryan Heinen

January 02 2024

New Dairy Concept: A More Sustainable Future for American Dairy

Learn more about the work of the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship to usher in the future of the U.S. dairy industry by focusing on two key elements: environmental sustainability and people.

December 07 2023

Managed Grazing Innovation Center Provides Valuable Online Farm Training

New and prospective farm workers, as well as experienced farmers looking to expand their skills, all benefit from the online courses offered by the Managed Grazing Innovation Center.

November 15 2023

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship program trains the next generation of farmers

Dairy farming is vital to Wisconsin’s economy, but new farmers face barriers to entering the profession. We talk with members of an apprenticeship program that’s helping keep dairy farming alive.

November 09 2023

Dairy industry eyes increased economic, environmental sustainability

The creation of the first inset carbon market, fueled by private and public partnerships, establishes a new revenue stream for dairy farmers that industry members hope will fuel continued innovation to reach agriculture's economic and environmental sustainability goals.

November 09 2023

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week, November 13-19

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship is celebrating the U.S. Department of Labor’s seventh annual National Apprenticeship Week with social media events, webinars, giveaways, and the Apprentice of the Year award presentation.

November 09 2023

Climate-smart grazing on tap for dairy project

The Global Food Traceability Center, Chicago, has started working on the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship project implementing precision ag tech to expand the participation of small grazing dairy farms in climate-smart commodities.

November 03 2023

Project aims to create dairy traceability standard

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship is working with the Global Food Traceability Center to help small dairy producers access climate-smart grazing technology and engage in a climate-smart marketplace for their products.

November 01 2023

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship is pleased to announce that they will be celebrating the U.S. Department of Labor’s ninth annual National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) with social media events, webinars, giveaways, and our Apprentice of the Year award presentation November 13-19, 2023.

September 19 2023

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Begins Work On USDA Climate-Smart Commodities Partnership

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship (DGA) is thrilled to begin work on their $4,770,000 Partnership for Climate Smart Commodities award – ‘Implementing Precision Ag Tech to Expand the Participation of Small Grazing Dairy Farms in Climate-Smart Commodities’.

September 19 2023

'An opportunity for everyone': Wisconsin farm groups reflect on impact of federal sustainability funding

After one year of Climate-Smart grants, organizations like the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship are focused on developing ways for farms to profit from carbon sequestration and other practices.

August 30 2023

Finalists Selected for New England Leopold Conservation Award

DGA Mentor farm, The Corse Farm Dairy, is among four finalists in the running for the New England Leopold Conservation Award.

August 23 2023

Here are 5 key findings about the state of farming in the U.S.

Here's a look at national demographic trends in agriculture to get a bigger-picture look at the workforce today.

August 18 2023

Can Cheese Be Sustainable?

DGA Executive Director Joe Tomandl, III, talks with Planet Cheese about the environmental and social benefits of managed grazing dairy in article about award-winning cheeses made from grass-fed animals.

August 01 2023

Farmer Profile: Haden Gooch

Like many idealistic, entrepreneurial farmers today, Haden is used to trying hard—and learning on the job.

July 27 2023

Not orange and plastic-wrapped: US artisanal cheese boosts dairy and goes green

Even as the US dairy industry struggles, small cheesemakers are choosing sustainable farming – and leaving their mark

July 14 2023

Learn By Doing: Apprentice Program Grooms Future Herdsmen

With the help of the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship, Adam Gillins is pursuing his dream of owning a dairy farm. He’s already three-quarters of the way through his two-year apprenticeship with Mentors Nate and Angie Walter on their Westport farm.

July 13 2023

A Farmer’s Perspective: The Grass-fed Transition at the Wolfe’s Neck Center Dairy

Wolfe’s Neck Center is currently in the process of transitioning our dairy herd to a 100% grass diet. Kate Sabino, a Dairy Grazing Apprentice here at Wolfe’s Neck Center, gives her perspective on this transition below.

July 10 2023

Dairy grazing apprenticeship program expands into Oregon

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship is branching out to the West Coast and expanding into Oregon, the 15th participating state of the program.

March 29 2023

Altfrid Krusenbaum Receives Jerold Berg Grazing Advocate Award

Altfrid and Sue Krusenbaum managed a grazing dairy farm for 26 years. Alfrid served on the DGA Board of Directors, as a Mentor Dairy Grazier, and as an Education Coordinator before retiring in 2023. He is now the owner of Krusen Grass Consulting.

January 19 2023

DGA Mentor Farm in Farmington, Maine, Works to Offset an Aging Population

Hardy Farm hosts tours, assists with 4-H programs and participates in Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship to help educate and encourage a future generation of farmers.

January 11 2023

“Love and dedication to agricultural life has many rewards”

Molly Brook Farm, owned by DGA Mentors Rhonda and Myles Goodrich, was recognized as the 2022 Vermont Dairy Farm of the Year.

December 22 2022

Leopold Conservation Award Winners Explain Strategy

Joe Tomandl talks with Midwest Farm Report about his managed grazing philosophy and how he's turn it into an enterprise that benefits others. 

December 12 2022

DGA Tentatively Selected for Climate-Smart Commodities Partnership

DGA's 5-year $4,770,000 project will measure, track, and market the benefits of climate-smart production on managed grazing dairy farms, providing small producers with direct payments, technical assistance, and opportunities for expansion.

December 12 2022

Conservation Feeds Dairying Passion

DGA Executive Director, Joseph Tomandl, III and his wife Christy share their decades long journey in implementing best conservation practices on the land while growing their dairy farm business.

December 11 2022

From the Back Paddock

Anthony Neitkze of Medford, WI, recently completed his 2-year Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship and is now a Journeyman Grazier on Tomandl Farms.

November 18 2022

Joe and Christy Tomandl Receive Wisconsin Leopold Conservation Award

DGA Executive Director Joe Tomandl, III and his wife Christy were honored with the prestigious award for their commitment to conservation on agricultural lands. Congratulations!!

November 04 2022

DGA Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week November 14-20

The 8th Annual National Apprenticeship Week is a nationwide celebration where industry, labor, equity, workforce, education, and government leaders host events to showcase the successes and value of Registered Apprenticeship.

October 14 2022

A Dairy Legacy Thrives: Walter Organic Family Farm, Villard, Minnesota

Nate and Angie Walters are DGA Mentors Dairy Graziers and Angie also serves as an Education Coordinator for central Minnesota.

September 30 2022

Tomandl Farms Named as Finalists for Conservation Award

Congratulations to DGA's own Joseph Tomandl,III and the Tomandl family who have been selected among four finalists for the 2022 Wisconsin Leopold Conservation Award.

September 12 2022

Gwenyn Hill Farm Weaves Ecology into Operation

Journey Dairy Grazier, Ryan Heinen, is the Land and Livestock Manager at Gwenyn Hill Farm where he puts his Apprenticeship training as well as his passion for grassland conservation into practice.

August 09 2022

Settlages Focus on Saving Soil

2022 Ohio Conservation Farm Family: DGA Mentors John and Jordan Settlage operate a grass-fed dairy using regenerative practices.

June 20 2022

Apprenticeship Program Has Unique Focus

DGA Executive Director, Joe Tomandl, III, visits with Pam Jahnke of The Mid-West Farm Report at the Wisconsin FFA Convention. Give a listen!

June 15 2022

Technical Training & Outreach to Underserved Dairy Farmers

DGA is partnering with the University of Missouri and Natural Resources Conservation Services to bring climate-smart technical training and outreach to historically underserved producers.

June 13 2022

Dairying Like a Kiwi: Farmer Uses New Zealand-Style Grazing

Mentor Dairy Grazier, Matt Byler, milks over 200 cows at Peachee Farms in Belleville, PA, utilizing New Zealand-style managed grazing.

May 17 2022

Chaseholm Farm—Developing a Grass-based Dairy in New York

DGA Mentor Sarah Chase, her wife Jordan Schmidt, and her brother Rory Chase, used principles of Holistic Management to grow their grazing-based dairy business.

May 10 2022

Southern Vermont Farm Participates in National DGA Apprenticeship

Apprentice, MacKenzie Wallace, gained an education in managed grazing dairy production and a lot more from Mentor Dairy Grazier, Leon Corse.

April 20 2022

DGA Kicks Off Grazing Farm Tour & Workshop Series

DGA is conducting an exciting new series of on-farm events on approved Mentor Dairy Grazier farms across its national network to expand outreach and training opportunities in managed grazing dairy.

March 25 2022

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Welcomes Ashley Pierce as Project Manager

Ashley Pierce, Education Coordinator for DGA in New York, is brought on in a new capacity to manage exciting new projects for the Apprenticeship program as Project Manager.

March 22 2022

Apprenticeships Grow Future Producers

Meet Dale Pratt and Jacob Lee, who recently graduated as certified Journey Dairy Graziers, in this great piece by former Mentor Dairy Grazier, Greg Galbraith.

March 16 2022

U.S. farmers improving climate-friendly practices

Report finds that farmer in the United States have made gains in implementing climate-smart practices in recent years but there is still more to do.

March 10 2022

Meet Meagan Farrell, a 2021 Future Organic Farmers Recipient

Meagan Farrell, a DGA Apprentice in Belleville, WI, has been awarded an educational grant to support goals to help transition her family's grazing dairy farm to organic production.

January 28 2022

DGA Reaches Milestone: 50th Apprentice Graduates

Congratulations to Dale Pratt, who recently graduated from the Apprenticeship to become the 50th certified Journey Dairy Graziers in the nation.

January 18 2022

DGA Among NRCS Partners to Provide Training and Improve Access

USDA invests $50 million in partnerships to improve equity in conservation programs and address climate change.

December 14 2021

Grazing Dairy to Buy or Lease in Virginia

Do you have experience in managed grazing dairy? Looking to operate or your own independent farm? Check out this opportunity at Black Hollow Dairy.

November 04 2021

National Apprenticeship Week 2021

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship celebrates National Apprenticeship Week, November 15th to 21st.

October 15 2021

From Apprenticeship to Ownership

Young Maine dairy farmers, Haden Gooch and Katie Gualtieri, are thrilled to be launching a business. Read the article published originally in Graze Magazine.

October 13 2021

USDA Commits Nearly $25 Million to Reaching Underserved Communities

DGA has been awarded a three-year grant through the USDA 2501 Program to improve access to training, resources, and opportunities in managed grazing dairy for underserved beginning farmers.

October 01 2021

A New Way to Measure Pasture

PaddockTrac is an innovative new technology that has potential to improve forage management. Find out more in an article originally published in Graze Magazine.

September 28 2021

Pasture Walk Highlights Choices of Young Farmer

Dairy Star features Jack Schouweiler, a recent DGA graduate, who hosted a September pasture walk highlighting the adaptability of grazing systems in a challenging year.

September 25 2021

Adaptive Grazing Offers Steady Feed in 2021

DGA Journey Dairy Grazier, Jack Schouweiler, hosts a pasture walk and discusses the diverse options available in a grazing system during his first year as a full-time dairy farmer.

September 21 2021

Organic Valley Farms in Southeast Minnesota Glad to be Organic

Minnesota DGA Mentors, Zweber Family Farms of Elko and Buck Dairy Farm of Goodhue, have been with Organic Valley since the start of a boom for the entire organic industry.

September 02 2021

Podcast: Growing Grazing Dairy Farmers

DGA partner Sustainable Farming Association features a conversation with Mentors Angie and Nate Walters and their former Apprentice, Ryan Heinen, on the Dirt Rich podcast.

August 10 2021

DGA Update: The Pasture Productivity Pail

DGA Education Coordinator, Angie Walters of Sustainable Farming Association, discusses the Pasture Productivity Pail (PPP) and its potential to help farmers make management decisions.

July 27 2021

Meet Anthony Garcia, a 2020 and 2021 Future Organic Farmers Grantee

Apprentice Anthony Garcia is focused on community as he works towards his goal of owning and operating his own organic dairy farm and training center.

July 20 2021

Grazing benefits run deep on this Ohio farm

Ohio Mentor Dairy Grazier, Ralph Schlatter, talks to Hay & Forage Grower about the using regenerative practices to improve the health of his animals and his land.

June 28 2021

'There isn't a healthier place for cows than out on the grass'

DGA Mentor Dairy Graziers, Mike and Joan Gilles, discuss the benefits of managed grazing during a pasture walk on their farm in Houston, MN.

May 18 2021

Cadotte’s Love for Cows Leads to Career, Cultural Opportunities

Grace Cadotte will do a summer internship at Wolfe’s Neck Farm after being introduced to dairy by family friend and DGA Mentor Grazier, Ben Gotschall.

April 29 2021

Reduce Milkfat Depression in Grazing Cows

Dr. Greg Brickner, Organic Valley veterinarian and grazing specialist, discusses strategies for reducing butterfat during the grazing season.

April 09 2021

A Dairy Grazier’s Journey

Congratulations to Jessica White who completed her Apprenticeship at Camphill Village Kimberton Hills. She's Pennsylvania's second Journey Dairy Grazier.

March 25 2021

I Am the Farmer: Abbie Corse Reflects on Farming and Mothering

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship has helped dairy farmer and mother get through challenging times on the farm by providing access to motivated farm labor.

March 12 2021

Getting Serious About Our Next Generation of Farmers

Journey Dairy Grazier, Ryan Heinen, is the Land and Livestock Manager at Gwenyn Hill Farm. Read the blog by General Manager, Linda Halley.

December 21 2020

Veterans receive tuition support at Managed Grazing Innovation Center

U.S. military veterans interested in learning more about managed grazing dairy production now have increased access to DGA's online classes.

December 08 2020

Scaling Managed Dairy Grazing for Max Impact

Joe Tomandl joins Tera Johnson on the Edible Alpha podcast to discuss training the next generation of dairy farmers on an environmentally friendly managed grazing system.

November 02 2020

National Apprenticeship Week

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week November 9-13

September 21 2020

Apprenticeship Serves as Stepping Stone at Cobb Hill

Enthusiasm for learning and a passion for agriculture open opportunities for a new generation and fosters optimism for the future of dairy farming.

September 21 2020

Food Forward: Andy Hatch (Uplands Cheese) Interview

Wisconsin Foodie presents, Food Forward. Food Forward is a series of interviews with Wisconsin's food business owners about how they are adjusting to the Covid crisis.

September 13 2020

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeships Take Root

DGA Apprentices with diverse backgrounds and levels of farming experience share insights about becoming dairy graziers through Apprenticeship.

August 21 2020

Small-Dairy Grazier Shares Milking Love

Kevin Mahalko and his parents Mary and Kenneth P. Mahalko keep farming in the family on their all-grass, no-grain dairy farm near Gillman, WI.

August 10 2020

Featured Farm: Wolfe’s Neck Farm, Freeport, Maine

Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance (NODPA) shares some of the great work happening in regenerative dairy systems at Wolfe's Neck Farm, DGA's partner in Maine.

August 06 2020

First-Generation Dairy Farmer

NRCS assistance is making it possible for beginning farmer and Apprentice, Jack Schouweiler, to take over an organic dairy farm gradually from Master Dairy Grazier, Ben Wagner.

August 06 2020

Perfecting the Pasture Model

Thelma Heidel-Baker and Ricky Baker run Bossie Cow Farm, a 100% grass-fed organic dairy, near Random Lake, WI. The Bakers milk 50 cows and pasture their animals on 80 acres.

July 29 2020

Hot Cows Need Water Supply

A recent DGA webinar explored Pasture Water Systems, including options, materials, construction and locations, for helping to keep cows safe in the heat.

July 22 2020

Pope County Family Farm of 2020: Walter Organic Family Farm

Congratulations to the Walter Family! Nate and Angie are approved Master Dairy Graziers and Angie is a DGA Education Coordinator in Central Minnesota.

June 22 2020

The Benefits Of Regenerative Grazing

DGA Executive Director Joe Tomandl, III sat down with Wisconsin Public Radio and Peter Byck of Carbon Cowboys to talk about the positive impacts of Regenerative Grazing.

May 26 2020

An Inside Look at Wisconsin Grazing Specialist’s Farm: Mahalko Dairy

Kevin Mahalko talks to Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance (NODPA) about his 100% grassfed milk operation in Gillman, Wisconsin.

May 24 2020

Coronavirus Food Assistance Program

Beginning May 26, FSA will be accepting Coronovirus Food Assistance Program applications from agricultural producers who have suffered losses.

April 08 2020

DGA welcomes Angie Sullivan as Apprenticeship Director

With a broad range of experience, Angie Sullivan, brings a unique skill set to DGA's administrative team as Apprenticeship Director.

March 01 2020

Ancestral Farm Leads Dairy into Future

Drew and Ashley Votis now have about 50 dairy cows, after earning 14 head during an Apprenticeship with Jim and Tammy Schreiner in Athens, WI.

February 21 2020

Army to Dairy: Veteran Chooses Agriculture for Post-Military Career

Journey Dairy Grazier and DGA Veterans Liaison, Matthew Keesling, talks to Mid-West Farm report about transitioning from military service to dairy farming.

February 20 2020

DGA Approved as National Vendor for FSA's Borrower Training Program

Farm Service Agency, which requires financial management training for its beginning farmer loan agreements, has approved DGA to provide that training nationwide.

December 19 2019

DGA opens its Managed Grazing Innovation Center to the public

Classes designed for practical application in regenerative agriculture and farm business management at Managed Grazing Innovation Center are now open to everyone.

December 02 2019

Pastures Priority for Grass-Fed Cattle

DGA Master Dairy Grazier and GrassWorks President, Kevin Mahalko, talks to Agri-News about his grass-fed organic dairy operation.

November 01 2019

Bradford County Boasts First Certified Journey Dairy Grazier in PA

Pennsylvania’s first certified Journey Dairy Grazier, Joseph Moyer, completed Apprenticeship with his father, Master Grazier Brian Moyer.

October 05 2019

Hope For The Small Dairy Herd?

DGA Board Member and Master Dairy Grazier, Eric Sheffer, talks to Progress Forage about the importance of pasture management for economic viability.

August 28 2019

Senator Baldwin and DGA Discuss Apprenticeship Legislation

DGA hosted a roundtable discussion with Senator Tammy Baldwin and other stakeholders about the need for skilled people, alternative development models.

August 22 2019

DGA Showcases Diverse Farms, Employment Opportunities

DGA introduces new website features to help Masters find the right match for an Apprenticeship.

August 20 2019

For Some Dairy Farmers, the Future is Smaller

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship program combines training with a twist on traditional practices.

August 15 2019

Sustainable Farming Association Hires DGA Education Coordinator

SFA has hired Angie Walter, an approved Master Dairy Grazier, to provide support services for Masters and Apprentices in Minnesota.

August 05 2019

Richmond Takes The Reins

Graze Magazine checks in with DGA graduate, John Richmond, who took over the dairy farm of Master Dairy Grazier, Charles Flodquist, in early 2018.

June 26 2019

Training our Next Generation of Organic Dairy Farmers

DGA partner Wolfe's Neck Farm offers a residential Apprenticeship to prepare individuals for a career in organic dairy farming.

June 20 2019

Improving Pasture at Moyer’s Dairy Farm

DGA Master Brian Moyer and his son Joseph, who is on track to become the first Journey Dairy Grazier in Pennsylvania, use conservation practices to improve soil health and biodiversity.

June 04 2019

Honoring the Milk, Honoring the Farm

Second-year Dairy Grazing Apprentice, Jessica Matthews, considers the journey of milk from cow to consumer and the ongoing dairy crisis.

May 01 2019

The Changing Face of the Family Farm: How Farmers are Staying Viable

Meagan Farrell, an Apprentice with her father Master Dairy Grazier, Bert Paris, faces challenges to industry with a passion for dairy farming as a way of life and a profession.

April 30 2019

Dairying for the Future: Soil Conservation and Economic Viability

Managed-grazing dairies conserve soil and support rural communities by offering opportunities for farms to be transferred from one generation to the next.

April 03 2019

Veterans, Dairy Work for Dreams

DGA is a veteran friendly organization that is helping heroes continue a life of integrity, honorable work, and service to our nation by providing a pathway into dairy farming.

February 13 2019

Farmlove: Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship

At the Corse Farm Dairy in Whitingham, Vermont, Master Dairy Graziers see double rainbow of promise for the future of family farming.

February 11 2019

Many Paths to Starting a Dairy

A discussion panel, including DGA Journey Dairy Graziers, shares insights and experiences getting started in today’s dairy industry economy at the GrassWorks Grazing Conference.

January 29 2019

First Three Organic Dairy Apprenticeship Program Graduates

Graduates of Organic Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Program in 2018 remain connected to their Wolfe’s Neck Center roots.

January 06 2019

Wolfe’s Neck Farm Teaches Maine’s Next Generation of Dairy Farmers

Ben Jensen, left, and Matt DeGrandpre are partnering with DGA to train beginning dairy farmers in the new facility at Wolfe’s Neck when it opens this spring.

December 04 2018

DGA Receives Grant to Recruit and Support Veterans

DGA is one of six organizations awarded a 2017 USDA AgVets grant to establish and enhance farming and ranching opportunities for military veterans.

November 02 2018

Meet the Vermont DGA Program

Mary Ellen Franklin, pictured with VT Ag Secretary Anson Tebbetts, recently came on board to serve as DGA Education Coordinator for Vermont Masters and Apprentices.

October 20 2018

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship: Q&A with Gay Rodgers & Jess Matthews

Master Grazier Gay Rodgers and Apprentice Jess Matthews from Hameau Farm in Belleville, talk with PASA about their experience participating in Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship.

September 28 2018

Dairying in Harmony with Nature

DGA graduate, John Richmond, and his wife Chelsea, who milk and graze their dairy cows near Colfax, WI, hosted a pasture walk in August.

September 10 2018

Three Graziers Share Challenges to Getting Started

Three young graziers talked about their experiences starting out in dairy farming at the 2018 Grassworks Conference held annually in Wisconsin.

July 05 2018

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Offers Opportunities

Master Dairy Graziers in Missouri are looking for motivated individuals to train to become managers and dairy farm business owners. It's great place to work and learn. Find out more about DGA in the Show-Me State!

April 23 2018

Greening pastures: Mary C Anderson earns Gaylord Nelson Earth Green Award

DGA Education Coordinator and Director of River Country RC &D, Mary C. Anderson, has been honor with the Gaylord Nelson Green Earth Award for her dedication to managed grazing and family scale agriculture.

April 20 2018

The Grass Master's Apprentice

An innovative farming system requires innovative training. Ryan Heinen built skills and knowledge in managed grazing dairy production under Master Dairy Graziers, Nate and Angie Walter, in west-central Minnesota.

December 20 2017

Farmers Learn Business, Farm Life from Mentors through DGA

Scott Mericka, Master Dairy Grazier and co-owner of Grass Dairy and Uplands Cheese Company, and his Apprentice Matt Nielsen talk about the challenges and rewards of becoming a dairy farmer.

December 14 2017

From GIs to Graziers: Midwest Servicemen Farm Together through Mentor Program

Master Dairy Grazier, Andy Bures, is a military veteran who is committed to helping other veterans get started in dairy farming through Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship.

December 11 2017

My Name on the Milk Sign

Mike Taddy, a Major in the U.S. Air Force recently stationed in the Middle East, muses on his aspirations to become a dairy farmer, the parallels between farming and military service, and the opportunities provided by DGA.

December 11 2017

A Lane to Opportunity Like None Other

Executive Director, Joe Tomandl, III, who milks and grazes 330 cows on two organic dairy farms near Medford, WI he talks with Dairy Star about DGA's efforts to address farm loss and revitalize rural communities.

November 03 2017

Organic, Grazing Preserves Family Farm

Managed grazing and organic certification helped the Scott and Lucy Adank save their farm. Now the next generation–son Ryan, 21–is preparing for his career in dairying, having recently completed a formal Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship at his home farm.

October 22 2017

Community Rallies for Maine Farmer After He Gets a Concussion

As an injured Maine dairy farmer recovers from a frightening accident, Apprentices Josh Harlan and Haden Gooch of Wolfe's Neck Farm pitch in to make sure the work gets done.

October 17 2017

Guiding Next-Gen Dairy Graziers is a Win-Win for New York Masters

Kim Shaklee and his wife, Janice Brown, of Birds All Dairy Farm create a winning scenario for themselves and their workers through the DGA program.

October 17 2017

A Dairy Road Diverges: Grazing Model Offers Alternative to Industrial Farming

In an article featured as part of an in-depth series on the impact of dairy farming in Wisconsin, Joe Tomandl, III discusses why grazing-based dairy makes the industry stronger while benefiting rural communities.

October 03 2017

Stay the Course: Six Generations of Stewardship on the Corse Family Farm

The Corse family has long been committed to conservation stewardship on their organic dairy farm in Whitingham, VT, and are ensuring their legacy through DGA.

September 25 2017

Apprenticeship Aims to Keep Family Farm

Matthew Keesling, recently retired from the U.S. Army, is doing an Apprenticeship on Bures Organic Dairy Farm in Deerbrook, WI.

September 22 2017

DGA Master Dairy Graziers Receive Award from Horizon Organic

Annual HOPE and National Quality Award recipients, Joe and Tom Molitor of St. Cloud, MN, were recognized during Farm Aid festivities.

September 09 2017

Laura Paine Awarded SARE Professional Development Grant

Congratulations to DGA Program Director, Laura Paine! Her SARE project to develop DGA Masters as professional trainers is the 2017 Paula Ford Professional Development Program Proposal of the Year.

September 06 2017

Master Grazier Brian Moyer and Apprentice Joseph Moyer Approach Milestone

Son nears halfway point in Apprenticeship program with his father, educational support provided by DGA's administrative partner, Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture.

August 28 2017

Dairy Grazing Their Way: A Panel Shares Management Strategies

DGA Master Dairy Graziers from different parts of the country presented on their farm’s challenges and opportunities at the 2017 Grazing Conference in Wisconsin Dells. Progressive Dairyman has the story.

July 20 2017

Master, Apprentice Share Honest Work

Kelsey Vance is learning about dairy-grazing practices and business from Don Boland, who grazes about 175 cows on a family farm near Gays Mills, WI.

July 10 2017

Smooth Transition: Graduating Apprentice Prepares to Take Over Farm

After two years of working with Master Charles Flodquist, DGA graduate John Richmond will start buying the cows on January 1st.

June 22 2017

23 Million for Conservation Innovation Projects

DGA will train beginning farmers in managed grazing and conduct pasture walks in the Great Lakes Region as one of 33 projects selected for funding through NRCS Conservation Innovation Grants program.

June 21 2017

Opportunity on a Diversified Farm in New York

The Fellowship Community, an intergenerational community, is seeking a dairyman to work with a team of coworkers and volunteers on a small farm located in Chestnut Ridge.

June 13 2017

New Dairy Farmers Go Against The Grain

As experienced dairy farmers age and retire they are passing on their knowledge to the next generation, and an innovative apprenticeship program is formalizing the process.

May 22 2017

Couple Finds Place In Dairy Grazing Industry

Dairy graziers, Clay and Sue McQuiddy, give back by becoming Masters for Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship and sharing their knowledge.

May 01 2017

Pennsylvania Internship Opportunity

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA), in partnership with the Center for Dairy Excellence, is offering a 10-week paid summer internship on a DGA-approved farm in south central Pennsylvania.

April 20 2017

Cornell Dairy Supporter Promotes Grazing Apprenticeship

As DGA Education Coordinator in New York, Fay Benson is out recruiting dairy grazing farmers to become Masters.

February 27 2017

Aspiring Dairy Farmers and Current Graziers Wanted for New York Dairy Grazing Apprentice Program

DGA Education Coordinator and Cornell Small Dairy Support Specialist, Fay Benson, is recruiting potential new Masters and Apprentice Candidates to participate in DGA New York.

February 26 2017

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Snowballing

Executive Director Joe Tomandl, III sits down with Brownfield Ag News at this year's Organic Farming Conference to talk about the development and rapid growth of Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship. Take a listen!

February 16 2017

2017 Jerold Berg Grazing Advocate Award

Master Dairy Graziers, Greg and Wendy Galbraith of Aniwa, WI, were honored with the 2017 Jerold Berg Grazing Advocate Award at this year's GrassWorks Grazing Conference. Congratulations!

February 11 2017

Apprentice Program Opens Path for Aspiring Graziers

DGA Executive Director, Joe Tomandl, III presents at the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) Farming for the Future Conference on Feb. 3 at The Penn Stater. See article in Lancaster Farming.

February 07 2017

Maine Dairy and Forage Expert Tapped as Keynote Speaker at Vermont Organic Dairy Producers Conference

Rick Kersbergen, DGA Education Coordinator and Extension Agent at University of Maine, will discuss dairy nutrition in his keynote and Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship in a second talk at the March 9 conference at Vermont Technical College in Randolph Center.

November 30 2016

So You Want to Start a Grazing Dairy

New Hay and Forage Grower article looks at how Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship is creating a pathway to farm ownership for aspiring dairy farmers.

November 29 2016

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeships Are Great For Beginning and Established Farmers

Nice article on Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship in On Pasture explores the benefits of a structured Apprenticeship for passing on farming knowledge.

November 21 2016

25th Annual GrassWorks Grazing Conference

The GrassWorks Grazing Conference is February 2-4, 2017 at Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells. This year's conference will feature a full dairy track with DGA participant panels and workshops on a range of topics, including start-up farming, farm profitability, no-grain dairy, and grazing genetics.

November 15 2016

Teaching Others To Graze Dairy Cattle

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship is helping to strengthen the dairy industry by diversifying management systems and bringing on new farmers. Read article from Farm Progress.

November 14 2016

Joe Tomandl Finds Success With Grazing

Joe and Christy Tomandl oversee the milking of 330 cows on two farms near Medford. Check out this article from Farm Progress on their entrepreneurial strategy for growth and sustainability.

October 24 2016

Apprenticeship Program Educates in Dairy

A. Fay Benson, our Education Coordinator in New York, helps spread the word about Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship at Empire Farm Days in Seneca Falls, NY.

October 04 2016

Apprenticeship Program for Dairy Farmers is Growing

Executive Director, Joseph Tomandl, III, sits down with Brownfield Ag News at World Dairy Expo to talk about DGA. Give a listen!

October 01 2016

Passing A Life's Work To A New Generation

September issue of Graze Magazine features an article on how Apprenticeship has opened new opportunities for Master, Chuck Flodquist, and Apprentice, John Richmond.

September 29 2016

DGA Expanding Into New States

DGA seeks innovative partners and interested farmers as Apprenticeship goes national, with the potential to become part of the mainstream educational landscape.

September 15 2016

Interview With Wisconsin Farmer Andy Bures

Andrew P. Bures Farm in Deerbrook, WI, is the featured farm in September E-Newsletter of the Northeast Organic Producer's Alliance (NOPDA).

August 23 2016

Conscientious Consumers Support Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Through Whole Foods Market® Minnesota’s One Dime at a Time Program

Individuals can have an impact on the future of agriculture by supporting new farmer education in sustainable farming methods.

August 17 2016

Wolfe's Neck Farm Secures USDA Funding To Expand Organic Dairy Farmer Training Program

DGA partner Wolfe's Neck Farm in Maine have been awarded a USDA Beginning Farmer and Rancher Program grant to expand organic dairy program throughout New England.

July 25 2016

An Apprentice: His Master, Their Cows

John Richmond and Chuck Flodquist were matched up by the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship program in late 2014. Flodquist has been training Richmond as his successor on his 200-cow dairy near Colfax, Wisconsin.

July 12 2016

Small Wisconsin Dairy Hopes to Milk New Trend: A1 Free

A new trend could mean new opportunities and increased demand for managed grazing dairy farmers: milk that contains only the A2 type of beta-casein protein, rather than the A1 protein commonly found in regular milk.

July 08 2016

Opportunity for Skilled Employment on Dairy Farm in Fremont, Wisconsin

Join the team on Otto Family Farm! We are offering an opportunity for a Journey Dairy Grazier or other skilled individual to put his or her managed-grazing knowledge, skills, and experience to work—build your dairy career while helping this family farm transition to a grazing-based system.

April 18 2016

Cornell University Partners with DGA to Train New Farmers in New York

Cornell Small Farms Program is leading the development of Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship in New York. As a majority of farmers reaches retirement age, this top-producing dairy state faces many of the same challenges as Wisconsin and other states in bringing on beginning dairy farmers.

March 18 2016

Initial Sign Up For USDA Conservation Stewardship Program Due March 31st

Farmers and ranchers interested in enrolling in the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) this year have until March 31 to submit their initial applications to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

March 16 2016

Local Farmers Recognized Among Nations Top 100 Leaders

DGA Executive Director, Joe Tomandl, III, is among the Farm Credit 100 Fresh Perspectives honorees who are inspiring examples of leaders creating a brighter, more vibrant future for rural America.

March 01 2016

Makings of a Dairy Farmer

Staff and Apprentices at Wolfe’s Neck Farm’s dairy operation in Freeport, Maine, come from varied backgrounds, but they have a similar goal in mind–to make the Organic Dairy Farmer Research and Training Program a success.

January 26 2016

Innovative Grazing Apprenticeship Program Attracts Young Farmers

DGA is pleased to be a new member of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC), which does such valuable work in agriculture policy. This NSAC blog post on DGA features interviews with Apprentices, Reed Fitton and Kyle Serwe, and Master Dairy Grazier, Donald Boland.

December 18 2015

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Sponsors Dairy Track at 2016 Grazing Conference

Ready for a mid-winter getaway? Join DGA for the 24th annual GrassWorks Grazing Conference on January 14-16 at Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells.

November 16 2015

NRCS Launches New Conservation Effort to Aid Monarch Butterflies

NRCS will provide technical and financial assistance to help producers and conservation partners make pollinator and butterfly-friendly improvements to farms.

November 12 2015

Grow Wisconsin Dairy Producer Grant

The Grow Wisconsin Dairy Grant is a flexible, customizable grant available to producers to retain farms, facilitate operational changes and improve profitability. Deadline for applications is December 18, 2015.

October 30 2015

Some Farm Kids Who Left Feel Call To Return To Their Roots

Growing up on the farm is a formative experience that sometimes draws people back even after years—and careers—away. Apprenticeship can provide that pathway to the dairy farming lifestyle.

October 12 2015

Marathon County Farmer Enters Organic Market With Split Strategy

Article in The Country Today about Joe Tomandl, III transitioning his home farm to certified organic. Managed grazing farms can produce high quality milk for every market!

September 29 2015

North Central Graziers Pasture Walk

Joe is having a Pasture Walk! It takes place Wednesday, October 7th 1-3:00 p.m. and focuses on transitioning grazing dairy farm to organic production. Guest speaker will be Dave Engel of Nature's International Certification Service (NICS).

September 24 2015

Organic Program Director at Wolfe's Neck Farm

Wolfe's Neck Farm, a DGA partner located in beautiful coastal Maine, is hiring an Organic Program Director to manage its educational farm and provide hands-on training for Apprentices.

August 04 2015

Apprenticeship in Grazing Benefits Beginning Farmer

Wiscosnin Dairy News interviews DGA Education Coordinator, Altfrid Krussenbaum, Journey Dairy Grazier, Kyle Serwe, and Master Dairy Grazier, Bill Guell. Looking good guys!

July 15 2015

USDA announces conservation incentives for working grass, range and pasture lands

Beginning September 1, 2015, graziers will be able to apply for financial assistance through Conservation Reserve Program for conserving natural resources while maintaining the areas as livestock grazing lands.

June 23 2015

DGA Welcomes Laura Paine as Program Director

DGA is pleased to welcome long-time grazing and organic advocate, Laura Paine, as Program Director. She joins the team at just the right time–with its new national status DGA is really taking off!

June 20 2015

Grazing Apprenticeship Program Helps to Expand Ag Industry

Great article in Wisconsin State Farmer about DGA graduate Kyle Serwe, his step-grandfather Bill Guell, and their partnership on Guell Dairy Farm.

June 13 2015

Haugens Host Pasture Tour

Today's grazing isn't like your grandfather's grazing. Walk along with innovative graziers, Bonnie and Vance Haugen and their son Olaf on their seasonal grazing based dairy.

April 07 2015

DGA Wins 2015 Rural Development Award

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship has been recognized with a 2015 Top Rural Development Initiative Award from Wisconsin Rural Partners, Inc.

April 03 2015

USDA to provide $332 million to protect and restore agricultural working lands, grasslands and wetlands

USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service will accept ACEP applications to help productive farm and ranch lands remain in agriculture.

March 24 2015

Apprenticeships Offer Unique Employment Opportunities

DGA consists of on-farm employment and training that can lead to farm ownership. The program is actively recruiting Masters and Apprentices. Read this great piece in American Dairyman.

March 12 2015

UW-Madison helps train aspiring farmers enrolled in 'the MBA of dairy'

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship partners with UW-Madison to provide a pathway for aspiring young farmers to develop grazing careers in dairy farming.

March 07 2015

Program Seeks to Train New Dairy Farmers

DGA's Minnesota Education Coordinator and Master Dairy Grazier, Bonnie Haugen, is reaching out to current and aspiring farmers across the state border.

March 02 2015

Apprenticeship Aims To Grow State's Next Generation Of Farmers

Joe Tomandl, III discusses the importance of new farmer training for Wisconsin's dairy industry on WPR's Central Time. Take a listen!

March 10 2014

Elkhorn Farmer Outlines Opportunities for New Farmers

Master Dairy Grazier and DGA Board of Directors Member, Altfrid Krusenbaum, talks to Wisconsin State Farmer about initiatives to help new dairy farmers get started.

January 30 2014

DGA on the Larry Meiller Show

Program Director Joe Tomandl, III had a great conversation about DGA with Larry Meiller on Wisconsin Public Radio. Take a listen!

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