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Podcast: Growing Grazing Dairy Farmers

DGA partner Sustainable Farming Association features a conversation with Mentors Angie and Nate Walters and their former Apprentice, Ryan Heinen, on the Dirt Rich podcast.

September 02 2021

Katie Feterl
Sustainable Farming Association

Angie Walter and her husband Nate run an organic dairy in Central Minnesota, and are also Mentor Dairy Graziers in the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship program. Today’s episode of Dirt Rich features them in conversation with their first apprentice, Ryan Heinen, who now manages a dairy in Waukesha, Wisconsin. His passion for ecology and restoration led him to farming and to grass-based dairy, and DGA helped him build a solid foundation to take on a new endeavor.

The Walters and Ryan share their experiences in the DGA program from both the master and apprentice perspectives–it was a positive and valuable learning experience for all!

Angie also highlights the value of networking events, such as pasture walks, to dairy farmers of all experience levels. There are two pasture walks remaining this season, one on August 24 in Verndale, MN, and one on September 9 in Brandon, MN. Both are free, they include lunch! More information and registration can be found on SFA’s DGA page .

You can listen to Dirt Rich anywhere you get your podcasts, including Spotify , Apple Podcasts , Stitcher , Podbean , and on the SFA website .

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