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Opportunity on a Diversified Farm in New York

The Fellowship Community, an intergenerational community, is seeking a dairyman to work with a team of coworkers and volunteers on a small farm located in Chestnut Ridge.

June 21 2017

Learn production, preparation, and distribution of dairy products and produce on a diversified farm in a unique community!

The Fellowship Community is a 50 year young nonprofit ccommunity that cares for about 65 elders on about 80 acres of land, where care givers, their families, and resident live and work together. Duryea Farm is small but the only remaining milk plant in southern New York, with a herd of 10 milking Jersey cows, that supplies the Adult Care Facility and community.

In addition to cows, the farm has sheep, chickens and honeybees. There are ten acres of vegetables and thirty acres of pasture and hay fields. Herbs, flowers, berries, and grapes are grown on the farm. The dairy supplies the Hill Top House kitchens with pasteurized milk and cheeses and a special raw milk license allows the Fellowship to sell raw milk to a limited amount of customers. Both pasteurized and raw milk as well as yogurt are sold directly to the community and local food co-op and a new cheese making program is in the works. Housing is available along with a stipend, and tution support for children.

Please contact Matt Uppenbrink for more information at or call (845) 356-8494 or visit for some background and history on the Fellowship Communty.

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