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Leopold Conservation Award Winners Explain Strategy

Joe Tomandl talks with Midwest Farm Report about his managed grazing philosophy and how he's turn it into an enterprise that benefits others. 

December 22 2022

Carrie Mess
Mid-West Farm Report

A farming couple from Medford was named the 2021 Leopold Conservation award winners. Carrie Mess talks with Joe Tomandl about his philosophies in grazing, and how it's turned into an enterprise others benefit from. Fast and furious action for a lot of farmers as they approach the end of the calendar year.

Ashley Huhn, with the Steffes Group, explains how they work to make sure end of the year tax purchases go smoothly. Paid for by Steffes Group.

2022 has been a productive year for the WI Beef Council, and in turn farmers beef checkoff dollars. Tammy Vassen, executive director of the WI Beef Council, talks with Pam about programs they've implemented and what they're planning for 2023. Paid for by WI Beef Council and Equity Cooperative Livestock.

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