Case Studies

case studies

August 15 2016 | Nathan Peplinski

Learning Ways To Strengthen The Bottom Line

Nate Peplinski’s former experiences as a conventional dairy producer give him a discerning eye for differences in production systems. Now, from Paul Onan and Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship he has learned ways to strengthen dairying’s “economic denominator.”

December 16 2015 | Drew Votis

Building A Dairy From An Impossible Dream

Though reared as a city kid, Drew Votis realized a seemingly impossible dream of making a life on his own grass-based dairy. Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship made the impossible possible.

June 02 2014 | Nate Weisenfeld

A Mentor's Help Lays Groundwork for Success in Dairying

Nate Weisenfeld, a DGA graduate, financed the purchase of a farm using herd-building equity he'd gained while working at Hans Breitenmoser's dairy.

July 11 2013 | Clem Miller

A Satellite Farm Grows New Opportunities

DGA graduate Clem Miller found his dream job on an established grass-based dairy. Managing the satellite farm strengthens his skills while giving an opportunity for his family to live the dairy-farm lifestyle.

March 20 2013 | Brandon Probst

A Plan Opens the Door to Dairying

At the age of 21, DGA graduate Brandon Probst's career as a dairy farmer is well underway. His early start is due in large part to careful planning by retiring producers Glenn and Mary Harder, Rib Lake, WI.

January 29 2013 | Gabrielle Rojas

Living the Dream: The Start of a Family Dairy

DGA graduate, Gabrielle Rojas, overcame formidable start-up odds and today she and her husband, Julio Rojas, are living the dream together with children Jade, Jonathan and Reyden on a farm near Wausau, WI.

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