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Managed Grazing Innovation Center

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Managed Grazing Innovation Center provides high quality education on managed grazing production systems,
farm business management, and conservation stewardship in an online format.

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Course List

Dairy Cattle Nutrition, Feeds and Feeding

Students will gain an understanding ofthe life cycle feeding and nutrition needs for grazing dairy cattle. They will acquire an understanding of nutrition requirements and providing optimal diets at each point in the life cycle of milking cows, replacements and breeding bulls. They will learn to develop a whole herd feed and forage needs and plan. (Spring Semester and Summer Session)

Milk Quality

This course provides students with an understanding of producing quality milk. Students will be introduced to parts of a milking system and components, milking procedures, udder anatomy, mastitis and somatic cell count. (Spring Semester and Summer Session)

Farm Business Management

This course introduces students to business planning techniques, record-keeping practices and tools that can help chart progress toward personal and business goals. Students will also develop basic farm business financial statements. DGA is an approved vendor for Farm Services Agency (FSA) Financial Management Training Program. (Spring Semester and Fall Semester)

Soil and Water Resources Management

Functional soil is the foundation of a grazing dairy system. Students will develop an understanding of soil health and how organic matter, micro-organisms, and nutrient cycling build a healthy soil. They will learn about soil testing, nutrient needs and water resources and management. (Fall Semster)

Dairy Cattle Health and Wellness

Students will gain an understanding of the life cycle health and wellness needs grazing dairy cattle. They will learn animal health procedures and techniques needed for the dairy farm, create a whole herd health plan, and gain a critical understanding and recognition of disease concerns and prevention at each point in the life cycle of milking cows, replacements and breeding bulls. (Fall Semster)

Managed Grazing Systems for Dairy Cattle

Students will be introduced to the various aspects of designing and managing a dairy grazing system for optimal animal and pasture performance. They will develop a grazing plan that meets both the summer and winter feeding needs. (Fall Semster)

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Managed Grazing Innovation Center is an online school that is open to everyone and does not require participation in the Apprenticeship. Classes are intended to enhance the knowledge base of students, and are designed for planning purposes as well as for practical application on working farms. Students may take individual classes and/or complete all six within five years to earn a Managed Grazing Dairy Certificate.

MGIC classes are one credit (36 hours) and cost $250 each. Spring Semester and Fall Semester are 12 weeks. Summer Session offers a condensed version of select classes for 6 weeks. All classes combine independent study with synchronous educational opportunities as well as one-on-one support from MGIC School Director, Jamie Washburn. (Certificate courses are required for and transferable to the Apprenticeship.)

MGIC has been supported by a 2017 Educational Enhancement Team grant from USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture's Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program.

Fall Semester 2020 (Sept 28 to Dec 18)

  • Dairy Cattle Health and Wellness
  • Soil and Water Resources Management
  • Managed Grazing Systems for Dairy Cattle
  • Farm Business Management
  • Holistic Farming and Systems Approach (DGA Apprentices only)

How to Register

Registration for Fall Semester 2020 is now closed. See MGIC Course Catalog below for information on 2021 offerings!

VIEW » The 2020-2021 MGIC Course Catalog

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“I'm really enjoying the assignments. Thanks so much for making them practical to apply to day to day dairy work!”

- Leo Arnold
Dairy Cattle Health and Wellness

“The courses connected directly to what I was doing on the farm and really helped me understand the 'why' for our protocol and procedures.”

- RoseAnn Keesling
Dairy Nutrition, Feeds & Feeding
Milk Quality

“I've observed how different grazing practices appear to impact soil structure and the regrowth rate of pasture. But drilling down to what soil health really means on a molecular and micro-biological level has added a whole new layer of complexity.”

- Kate Sabino
Soil and Water Resources Management

“I am glad to have taken this course; I look forward to taking other courses in the near future.”

- Michael Monthey
Dairy Cattle Nutrition, Feeds, and Feeding

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