Participate Mentor

Participate Mentor

DGA gives experienced dairy farmers the opportunity to shape the future of the industry.

SHARE your knowledge and skills within a structured program for mentoring a next generation grazier.

DEVELOP a skilled employee who is prepared for positions in management, partnerships, and farm ownership.

RECEIVE professional financial analysis and business planning support.

EXPLORE new models of investment, equity building, and farm transfer.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your own operation as well as in the life of an individual or family who is ready to own or manage a dairy farm.

It's easy to get started!

To apply, review instructions below and then click on the APPLY button:

1) Register for a DGA account

  • Fill in contact information
  • Select notification option (text or email)
  • Create password and confirm a account

2) Complete Mentor Application Process

  • Confirm that you meet program requirements
  • Describe your operation, experience, and goals
  • Choose your settings: visibility mode, candidate type sought, notification options
  • Submit your Mentor Application

3) Receive Welcome email from DGA

  • Read information about the program
  • Add to your email contacts
  • Download attached procedure document

4) You will be assigned a DGA Education Coordinator who will

  • Contact you to arrange for an interview and farm visit
  • Conduct a farm assessment and make recommendation

5) Once approved as a Mentor, you are responsible for hiring an Apprentice and may

  • Receive notice of new Apprentice applications
  • Contact candidates directly or through website
  • Make modified version of profile (without direct contact) visible to candidates
  • Receive messages through the website

6) Sign In to the DGA website any time in order to

  • Search for Apprentice/ Intern by browsing candidates who have chosen your location, state or region, using key word
  • Click on Apprentice map to search for local candidates and view profiles
  • Answer messages from Apprentice candidates, Education Coordinator, and Staff
  • Update your profile or change settings in Mentor Application

Questions about the Mentor application process?



Must have five years of successful grazing experience or be a DGA graduate with three years grazing experience beyond the program.

Must ensure that Apprentice is trained in core work processes or employ a full-time qualified individual to supervise and train Apprentice.

Whether or not an individual meets above qualifications will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the DGA National Apprenticeship Committee for a new employer only.


Provide full-time employment and a safe work environment for 4,000 hours (compensation may include mutually agreed upon in-kind benefits such as housing as well as wages).

Provide insight and instruction on all aspects of owning and operating a managed grazing dairy operation.

If DGA is not yet active in your state, you can stil apply to become a Mentor Dairy Grazier! We will stay in touch. DGA seeks to expand into states where farmer interest is high.

Note: DGA has an open application process but does not at this time have the capacity to serve international applicants.

Brandon and Glenn

“From the day we started working together on our three-year-plan, I told Brandon, 'You're not my hired man; you're my partner.”

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