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Approved Mentor Dairy Graziers seeking an Apprentice, Intern or Journey Dairy Grazier can post position descriptions to the Job Board. To apply for a job fill out an Apprentice Application . You will have the option to message Mentor directly and to make your profile visible to other Mentors.


A year-round dairy, Hameau Farm is in search of an intern/apprentice who can join our team and potentially craft an exciting livelihood in the dairy business! Our milking herd of registered Ayrshires is grass-based and rotationally-grazed. The farm currently has a license to sell Raw Milk. A small flock of Jacob sheep and Barred Rock chickens also call the farm home. An intern/apprentice should expect to participate in most aspects of a working dairy: milking, feeding, cleaning the barn and milking equipment, moving the cows out to pasture as well as managing pasture rotation. Occasional calving assistance and newborn calf care is also part of the routine.

More information about Hameau Farm and the Plum Bottom herd can be found at and please view our Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship profile .

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