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Approved Masters seeking an Apprentice, Intern or Journey Dairy Grazier can post position descriptions to the Job Board. Apply for a job by filling out an Apprentice application. You will have the option to message Master directly and to make your profile visible to other Masters.


We are currently seeking a highly motivated and hardworking individual who is interested in pursuing a career in regenerative farming, with a focus on grazing management. This job will begin on or around June 1st, 2020.

The primary focus of our farm is on pasture-based livestock production, utilizing humane, organic, and regenerative agricultural practices. The farm currently raises A2 Guernsey cattle for raw milk, chickens both for meat and eggs, beef cattle, Berkshire hogs and heritage turkeys.

The Farm Apprentice will participate in most farm activities with a strong emphasis on learning about the growing dairy enterprise on the farm, which is a year-round operation. Dairy operation includes AM and PM milking, cleaning the barn, feeding cows, cleaning out their shed, preparing them for milking, prepping and cleaning the milking equipment, and moving cows out to pasture as well as managing pasture rotations. Occasional assistance with calving and care of newborn calves is also required.

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Dundee, IL

Internship or an Apprenticeship

$12 - $15 PER HOUR

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