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Approved Masters seeking an Apprentice, Intern or Journey Dairy Grazier can post position descriptions to the Job Board. Apply for a job by filling out an Apprentice application. You will have the option to message Master directly and to make your profile visible to other Masters.

Partnership Opportunity, Grass Based Dairy

Seeking Journey Dairy Grazier or experienced Apprentice. Our current herd of 43 mostly spring fresh herd is averaging 56 lbs of milk on this October grass and July cut baleage as we all transition to New York’s winter.

To enter our dairy business as winter approaches means to enter our winter program. When the grass is done in about two weeks our cows continue to remain outdoors through the winter,entering the barn only for milking and grain.

Winter can involve breaking ice,snow plowing,milking cows in a chilly barn,stubborn tractors,dealing with frozen manure,eating comfort foods to keep us warm and getting bundled up at least twice a day to care for cattle. We begin calving in February so our milking herd gradually is dried off from late November on,reaching about 20-25 head to continue milking through winter until calving begins.

We have enjoyed fine tuning our winter chores for 27 years now and are ready to transition sharing this routine with another prospective dairy farmer. Opportunity to own some/all of the herd,possibly rent the farm, or ready to discuss any idea the prospective candidate may suggest are all possibilities. Can you fill these shoes?

Canaseraga, NY

Apprenticeship only

Negotiable, housing available

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