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Approved Masters seeking an Apprentice, Intern or Journey Dairy Grazier can post position descriptions to the Job Board. Apply for a job by filling out an Apprentice application. You will have the option to message Master directly and to make your profile visible to other Masters.

Assistant Herdsman/ Apprentice, Organic Farm

Seeking a hard working, full-time employee who is motivated and wants to learn.

Daily herd management duties include but not limited to:

  • Moving cows to/from pasture
  • Winter/spring season dry cow & heifer herd feeding.
  • Mixing and feeding dairy herd TMR
  • Scrape cow lot and stack manure
  • Till and manage bedded packs
  • Wash off skid loader if dirty
  • Calving season includes lots of cow sorting and calf handling/feeding

Weekly duties include but not limited to:

  • Haul stacked manure to composting area
  • Manage bedding in calf runs
  • Water tank trough cleanliness
  • Maintain and lube feed mixing and lot cleaning equipment including tractor, mixer, and skid loader
  • Maintain and lube all equipment used for compost making and spreading including tractor, composter, manure wagon, and spreader
  • Keep milking parlor clean and maintained.
  • Maintain and lube mower tractor, gator, four wheeler, and hi pressure washer

Warmer season fieldwork help as able and available around daily chores.

Employee start time varies with season but is normally 7-8 AM, with 30 minute break. Ends 5-6 PM once afternoon chores are complete. Occasional evening responsibility with cows or hay harvest.

Kinzers, PA

pre-Apprenticeship Internship or an Apprenticeship

Hourly wage, plus housing

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