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Long Term Lease Opportunity in Wisconsin

Certified organic dairy or livestock farm available for a long-term lease in southeastern Wisconsin.

March 29 2020

Elkhorn, WI

The land is owned by Yggdrasil Land Foundation , with an agricultural conservation easement held by the Geneva Lake Conservancy. The farm consists of 407 acres. Most are productive silt loam soils. 240 acres are fenced with improved lanes and a pasture watering system, with 220 acres of improved pastures. The facilities include a 16-unit swing over parlor with various outbuildings and two nice houses (details available upon request). We are seeking motivated, committed, and skilled dairy or livestock graziers, who want long-term land tenure with its freedoms and responsibilities to maintain and improve this beautiful dairy farm far into the future.

For more information please contact board members: Dorothy at and Carol at

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