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DGA is Hiring School Director for New Managed Grazing Innovation Center

Join our team!! DGA is seeking a School Director for its new Managed Grazing Innovation Center (MGIC). The mission of MGIC is to provide high quality education on managed grazing production systems, farm business management, and conservation stewardship in an online format.

July 14 2018

Position Description

Title: School Director
Date Posted: July 2018
Date Closed: Open until filled

Job Type: Full-time
Category: Ag Education/ Administration
Salary: Negotiable/ based on experience

Reports to: Executive Director
Location: Online

Organization Summary: The Managed Grazing Innovation Center (MGIC) is a new online school that is owned and operated by Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship (DGA), a nonprofit organization with a federally recognized National Apprenticeship in managed grazing dairy production. The Apprenticeship program consists of 4000 hours over two years: 3700 hours of paid fulltime work-based training under an approved Master Dairy Grazier and 300 hours of related instruction. Since it was first established in 2010 DGA has worked with educational partners in Wisconsin to provide related instruction classes. But the rapid growth and expansion of DGA into ten additional states and increased public interest in sustainable agriculture has prompted DGA to start its own approved online school. MGIC is to provide required classes for DGA Apprentices that are open to the public on managed grazing production systems, farm business management, and conservation stewardship in an online format.

The “Managed Grazing Dairy Certificate,” comprised of six one-credit (36 hour) courses and a two-hour orientation, meets core requirements for DGA Apprentices and will also be awarded to non-Apprentice students who complete certificate requirements within five years. All courses for the certificate program are offered once each year and can be taken in any order.

• Dairy Cattle Health and Wellness
• Milk Quality
• Dairy Cattle Nutrition, Feed and Feeding
• Soils and Water Management
• Farm Business Management
• Managed Grazing Systems for Dairy Cattle

Position Summary: The School Director is responsible for overseeing the Managed Grazing Innovation Center (MGIC), ensuring that the school provides high quality online education designed for practical application, and managing educational support staff. In the school’s first year (2018-2019), this position will be focused primarily on development and delivery of classes in preparation for the upcoming launch of MGIC, with the first two fall classes beginning October 1, 2018, and will subsequently expand into a larger role within the school and organization. Once classes for the current certificate program are well established, the School Director will be charged with developing continuing education curriculum for DGA participants as well as new educational partnerships and programming to be delivered through MGIC.

The ideal candidate will enjoy being part of a team that is innovative and forward thinking and will have a strong commitment to accessible education, beginning farmer training, and rural development.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
• Work within an annual budget developed by DGA team
• Class development for approved Managed Grazing Dairy Certificate
• Class instruction to Apprentices in first year and then also to public
• Hire and manage adjunct instructors (as needed)
• Additional programming and partnerships – continuing education for DGA participants, relationship with high schools and youth Apprenticeship, certificate programs for other agricultural Apprenticeship, credit transfer to university and technical college programs

Work Relationships and Scope: Reports directly to the Executive Director. Also works closely with DGA Administrative Staff.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  1. Prefer Bachelor’s degree or higher in Education or Dairy Science, with emphasis on managed grazing systems
  2. At least five years of related experience.
  3. Excellent written, oral, and electronic communication skills.
  4. Good people-management and administrative skills.
  5. Experience or aptitude for coaching, facilitation, and interpersonal communications.
  6. Prefer experience or aptitude for using online learning management systems (such as Moodle, Blackboard, Google Classroom, etc.) to deliver instruction.

Working Conditions: MGIC is an online school that does not have a physical location. This is a remote office position that requires access to high speed Internet.

Application Process: To be considered for this position, please submit a PDF version of your resume and cover letter to Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship at . Review of submissions will begin August 1, 2018 with an anticipated start date of September 15, 2018.

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