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Approved Masters seeking an Apprentice, Intern or Journey Dairy Grazier can post position descriptions to the Job Board. Apply for a job by filling out an Apprentice application. You will have the option to message Master directly and to make your profile visible to other Masters.

Apprentice, Dairy Farm and Creamery

Seeking individuals with some dairy/ livestock and equipment experience who are motivated to learn.

Apprentices will participate in all aspects of a small dairy farm, including milking cows, calf-rearing, hay making, and pig husbandry. Educational opportunities include rotational grazing, pasture management, tractor operation and maintenance, bovine health and breeding, as well as the challenges of running a small dairy farm. Morning milking is at 6am and evening milking is at 5PM – apprentices should expect to milk some mornings and some evenings every week.

All apprentices must have good people skills and enjoy interacting with the public. We’re looking for apprentices who are excited about taking on significant responsibility. All apprentices will be attending weekly farmers markets and occasionally making deliveries and helping with general farm maintenance.

All apprentices work 5-6 days per week. We are looking for self-motivated people who are interested in learning through hard work.

Compensation includes $500 - $1,000/ month, plus housing (valued at $6,000/ year) and milk, cheese and meat (valued at $2,000/ year).

Williamstown, MA

Internship or an Apprenticeship

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