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Approved Masters seeking an Apprentice, Intern or Journey Dairy Grazier can post position descriptions to the Job Board. Apply for a job by filling out an Apprentice application. You will have the option to message Master directly and to make your profile visible to other Masters.

Assistant Herdsperson/ Apprentice

The assistant herdsperson is responsible for providing the best possible care to the dairy herd. They will also provide care for all calves using established standard operating procedures and treatment protocols. In addition to that they will oversee a team to ensure all shift duties are adequately completed.

• Assist the Herd Manager with monitoring and care of fresh cows
• Responsible for daily milking with attention to quality and procedure
• Responsible for pasture management
• Feeding of wet and weaned calves
• Monitoring the health of all calves on the farm
• Management of maternity pen and protocols
• Oversight of herd health, reproduction, and production of herd
• Oversight of responsibilities given to other employees designated to shift
• Treating and recording treatments of sick animals
• Administer vaccinations within dairy herd and young stock according to schedule
• Daily cleaning of equipment and facilities
• Entering information into DairyComp305
• Assist with other duties for the good of co-workers and the business

Cuba City, WI

Internship or an Apprenticeship

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