2016-09-01 10:00 am - 2016-09-01 14:30 pm

Successful Dairy Production on 100% Grass | Moore Farms, 2083 Moore Hill Rd, Nichols, NY

Join Organic Valley and NOFA-NY for a Grass-based Field Day and Pasture Walk at Moore Farms.

Hosts Rob and Pam Moore operate a 60 cow spring seasonal dairy on 240 acres of perennial pasture. Their dairy has been 100% Grass-fed and Certified Organic since 1996. Rob serves as a Master Grazier for the National Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship program, which recently expanded into New York and Pennsylvania.

Organic Valley’s Ruminant Nutritionist Dr. Silvia Abel-Caines will present about “Successful Dairy Production on 100% Grass” and share her experiences working with Organic and 100% Grass-fed dairy farmers across the country. Topics include:

· Grazing management that focuses on the cow
· Genetics of grass-fed dairy
· Nutritional aspects of no-grain calf and heifer growth
· Balancing the non-grazing season ration when forage quality is less than ideal
· Pasture / Cattle / Soil Health Connection

Educator/retired organic dairy farmer Fay Benson will lead a Soil Health Demonstration and discussion.

Rob Moore will share his approach to keeping pastures vegetative during dry spells and how this worked out with the 2016 drought. Rob and Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Education Coordinator Fay Benson will speak briefly about the DGA program, which is dedicated to providing guided career paths for Beginning Grass Dairy Farmers and independent dairy farm ownership.

Registration cost is $15/person or $25/farm. This field day is sponsored by Organic Valley. Lunch will be provided.

Registration is complimentary for Organic Valley members and Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Masters and Apprentices.

To view the event website and register, click below or call 585-271-1979.

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