North Central WI Outwintering Walk | Robert Brandt Farm 205621 Ancestor Ln, Mosinee, WI

Apprentices & Public 12 noon-3pm. This pasture walk will include outwintering, farm diversity, market trends, and a winter farm tour.

Topics for discussion will include seizing direct marketing opportunities and having market diversity in what you raise. Joining us in this discussion will be guest speakers Craig Carlson and Ashly Steinke who are farmers with experience in direct marketing their own products. Another discussion topic will be organic crop production. Bob Brandt will lead that discussion. We will also take an outside walk and look at the out-wintering strategies utilized by the Brandt’s with their beef herd (Dress appropriately).
A light lunch will be served at 12:00 noon with the speaker discussion portion getting started shortly thereafter. For comfort, the main portion of our event will held inside a garage.

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