2016-09-09 - 2016-09-09

Forage Testing in the Grazing Dairy | Sandy Springs Farm, 130 Sinclair Road Newmanstown, PA

Join farmer Andy Kline and Dr. Kathy Soder, of the USDA-ARS, on a tour of Andy’s all grass-fed dairy farm. As part of the walk, Dr. Soder will talk about forage testing, including relating the laboratory results of a sample taken from Andy's farm the week previous. Andy will talk about how he evaluates his forage over the course of the season, and his practice of grazing 'tall'. Participants will be encouraged to take part in the conversation, sharing their questions and knowledge, both in the field as well as over lunch, in the barn.

Event begins at 10am. Lunch and discussion at 12:30pm, wrapping up around 1:30pm. Cost is $20 for PASA members, $25 for non-members.

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