2019-05-02 - 2019-05-02

PASA Spring Pasture Walk | Hameau Farm • 6364 State Rte 665 • Belleville, PA [Mifflin County]


During this field day at Hameau Farm, we’ll discuss how to establish an effective rotational grazing plan that will result in higher quality and quantity of forage for your livestock.

We’ll begin the day with a pasture walk, led by Hameau Farm owner Gay Rodgers and apprentice Jessica Matthews, to examine the farm’s forage, rotational grazing plan, and watering systems. In the afternoon, we’ll work with Jeff Biddle of Bear Meadows Farm to review aerial photos of his farm’s typography, using it as a case study for developing a formal rotational grazing plan.

Also joining the conversation will be NRCS grazing specialists Suzette Truax—who helped establish Hameau’s grazing plan nearly two decades ago—and Titus Martin; members of the PA Grazing Lands Coalition; and dairy grazing apprentices from Hameau and Bear Meadows

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